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Living in sunny Southwest Florida comes with its perks, but water conservation is always a good idea.

Even the smallest water conservation heroes can make a big difference at home and at school. We’ve got some super cool and easy tips for kids on how to save water and even a chance to win awesome prizes in the Drop Savers art contest.

Turn Off the Tap While Brushing

You know that pose you do in front of the bathroom mirror? Well, here's a secret move: turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. You'll save gallons of water and be a water-saving champ.


Quick Showers for the Win

Sometimes, we all wish we could have super-speed showers like The Flash, but until then, try to keep your shower short and sweet. You'll not only save water but also have more time for fun adventures.

Enter the Drop Savers Art Contest

Here's your chance to show off your artistic talents and win cool prizes. Draw a picture with a water conservation message for the Drop Savers art contest. Your classmates can enter, too. Look for more details on this page in December.


Spread the Word

Share your water-saving wisdom with your friends and family. The more heroes we have on the team, the better we can protect our planet.

Lead the Change

Remember, you're not just the future; you're the leaders of today. By conserving water, you're helping create a more sustainable and awesome world for everyone.


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